Joint SEIU and KPNW Communication RE: Temporary Shifts & Hiring Incentives

In an effort to address the current staffing crisis coupled with an impending surge, SEIU and KPNW leadership came together to create incentives to help address this problem. These incentives include sign-on and referral bonuses for identified positions and double time pay for hours worked above coding. To show appreciation for the work that has been occurring, this agreement has been back-dated to 8/22/2021 and will expire on 10/31/2021.

Several important points of clarification are articulated below.

Double time incentive:

  • All employees represented by SEIU will qualify for the double time incentive.
  • The double time incentive will apply to all hours worked above coding, both additional shifts and additional time worked before or after a scheduled shift.
  • After first offering shifts to the home department, SEIU members will have the opportunity to fill shifts for work through the redeployment pool.
  • Staff should make sure to follow any department processes regarding working beyond their scheduled hours.

Referral and sign on bonus:

  • Up to $1,000 for referring a successful candidate that fills and remains in a qualifying position for one year – a $500 award after the referred person begins work, and a second $500 award when the referred person successfully completes one year of employment with KPNW.
  • Up to $1,000 for new employees filling a qualifying position – $500 after successfully completing the SEIU probationary period and $500 after one year of continuous employment with KPNW in a designated hard to recruit position.

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