We Won Expanded Protections for Oregon Workers During COVID: Know Your Rights!


Union members around the state took action–and thanks to our collective advocacy, essential Oregon workers now have stronger protections and rights on the job as we work through the COVID crisis. This is a huge victory for workers and our families!

Oregon OSHA has passed the following temporary rules:

  • NOTIFICATION OF WORKPLACE EXPOSURE: Starting November 16, all Oregon employers are required to notify employees of a COVID-19 workplace exposure within 24 hours of the employer knowing. Prior to this, an employer was not required to notify workers!
  • GREATER TRANSPARENCY: Starting December 7, Oregon employers are required to work with employees to assess potential COVID-19 dangers at work and craft comprehensive plans to help limit spread. 
  • CONSISTENT AND COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING: Starting December 21, all Oregon employers are required to train all employees on how to limit their COVID exposure and on what COVID protections are in place at work.

You can read more about the temporary order here. If you want to report hazards at a worksite, or believe you have been discriminated against on the basis of safety and health issues, always talk to your steward or organizer first, and file a complaint by filling out the online complaint form on the Oregon OSHA website.

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