Victory! Samaritan Pacific Community Hospital Members Win Big!

spch-bt-december2020We did it! Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital workers stood united and resolute in our negotiations with management and won a strong new 3-year contract that rewards essential workers for our commitment to quality care in our community!

By standing united, we won:

Wages that reward essential hospital workers for our work! We won our largest raise increases ever with excellent guaranteed annual raises and significant increases in differentials for hard-to-fill shifts. With step increases and annual raises, employees will earn up to 24% in raises over the life of our contract!

Affordable healthcare benefits so we can care for ourselves and our families without worry. We negotiated access to financial assistance if we need help paying for medical care, and a guarantee that no SEIU 49 member will be taken to collections if we’re making payments on Samaritan medical bills.

A stronger bargaining position for COVID-19 protections. We won a guarantee that we won’t be left out when Samaritan provides COVID-19 protections to workers at other Samaritan hospitals. As a result, we now have up to 80 hours of paid time off restored or paid for Union members who had to miss work due to COVID-19 symptoms or exposures.

Our new contract makes our wages more competitive so we can recruit and keep great employees at our hospital and gives us the same health and safety improvements as other Samaritan workers.

With more financial security and protections, we will be able to better care for our community–and we will continue to stand united to win stronger protections while we work through the pandemic.

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