VICTORY! L49 Members at Planned Parenthood Settle Groundbreaking, First Union Contract

Planned Parenthood Building

Members at Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon came together and voted overwhelmingly to approve a groundbreaking, first union contract, in effect until June 30, 2025.

By remaining and united throughout our campaign, we won:

  • Well-deserved raises with a 15% average
  • Guaranteed minimum wage of $18/hr
  • Annual across-the-board raises
  • Paid employee insurance premium coverage
  • Matching retirement contributions
  • Improved communication and staffing support
  • Strong diversity initiatives
  • Access to the SEIU & Employer Education Fund
  • Respect for their Union

We also took a strong stand to have a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. This committee will identify and address systematic racism or other inequalities while creating a more positive and inclusive work environment for us and our patients.

Championing Worker and Patient Rights at Planned Parenthood

Our Union was first formed in 2020 to allow us to better advocate for our patients. Through our Union, we can have a voice in improving the delivery of care to our community. Our first contract came out of six months of organizing, ten months of bargaining, and covers 57 members with a 3-year contract.

“We have an amazing staff, and this is finally recognized with this historic contract,” says Cheri, an RN. “There is a sense of accomplishment in what we achieved together by remaining strong in our belief to care for our community. I look forward to building our Union and having the full union experience, and the impact it can have on future generations of caregivers at Planned Parenthood.”

The COVID-19 pandemic heightened our resolve to reach an agreement with our employer for a strong first union contract and a stronger voice on the job to advocate for patients. All frontline healthcare workers have faced unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes increased risk to our own health and our families while continuing to show up to care for our community. We united to win a strong contract to address key priorities for safer staffing, fair and competitive wage increases, affordable healthcare, education and training, and respect for our Union.

“SEIU is an advocate for ensuring that everyone has access to the care and services they need, and this contract is another way we will continue to partner with Planned Parenthood to protect and expand care for all,” says Meg Niemi, President, SEIU 49.

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