U.S. Government Sides with Unions, Says Kaiser Broke the Law

kaiser2The federal government has issued an indictment against Kaiser Permanente for breaking the law by withdrawing from National Bargaining with the 85,000 members of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions and trying to force workers to give up their power to speak up for patients and our communities as a precondition of bargaining.

Here are just some of the allegations against Kaiser being brought by the National Labor Relations Board:

“[Kaiser] has conditioned bargaining with the Coalition for a successor National Agreement on its union-members’ acceptance of proposed revised Partnership Agreement, and has canceled scheduled bargaining sessions with the Coalition.”

“[Kaiser] has failed and refused to bargain in good faith with the Coalition.”

“[National Labor Relations Board] seeks an Order that requires [Kaiser] to bargain…with the Coalition for a National Agreement and to cease and desist from conditioning such bargaining on reaching agreement on a revised Partnership Agreement.”

Source: National Labor Relations Board, Case 32-CA-220268, 12/28/2018

What Happens Next?

Kaiser now must comply with the law by returning to the bargaining table without preconditions, or face trial in March, 2019.

This is a big step towards winning a great contract at Kaiser — but we need to keep standing strong against Kaiser’s plan to outsource jobs, slash raises, and reduce benefits on the healthcare workers who make them record profits.

Send a strong message to CEO Bernard Tyson about what we want when we get to the bargaining table: sign the petition today.

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