SEIU Shifts Balance To Pro-Labor Candidates


In three key races, SEIU Local 503 and SEIU Local 49 shifted the balance in favor of pro-labor candidates.

“SEIU members’ voluntary contributions to our political program are a vital part of the progressive infrastructure in Oregon,” said Melissa Unger, executive director of SEIU Local 503. “Tonight’s election shows that SEIU members can impact elections and build strength to fight for better wages and benefits.”

SEIU played a critical role in three key races on May 15: Shemia Fagan (SD 24), Val Hoyle (Commissioner of Labor and Industries), and Tiffiny Mitchell (HD 32).

Shemia Fagan – Shaking up the State Senate

shemia-and-49SEIU knocked on over 13,000 doors and leveraged an in-district membership of 1,000 eligible voters to send affordable housing advocate Shemia Fagan to the State Senate.

“Voters sent an unmistakable message that it’s time for our lawmakers to take immediate action to end no-cause evictions and stop outrageous rent hikes,” said Meg Niemi, president of SEIU Local 49.

Val Hoyle – A pro-labor Labor Commissioner

img_0902SEIU contacted more than 31,000 union members through mail, texting and phone banks to support Val Hoyle’s campaign.

“Val Hoyle’s win for Commissioner of Labor and Industry means Oregon’s workers now have a real advocate in their corner,” said Niemi.

Tiffiny Mitchell – Sending an SEIU member to Salem

29872722_961218764040061_465852068112856899_oSEIU knocked on over 3,800 doors to support their fellow Local 503 member. SEIU also supported a digital communications campaign to ensure that every SEIU member on the coast knew about Tiffiny Mitchell’s campaign.

“Throughout the campaign Tiffiny Mitchell focused on the struggles of being a working woman,” said Unger. “Her victory tonight shows that running on these issues is a winning formula.”

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