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1. JOIN our member Political Justice Committee

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  2. Help plan and implement political events
  3. Join us on the 3rd Saturday of the month at the Local 49 office at 3536 SE 26th Ave, Portland, OR 97202 – Email Felisa Hagins felisah@seiu49.org for details

2. Contribute to our Political Action Fund. It’s the easiest way to make a difference – Combine your money with 2 million other members to really make an impact! – Download the form here

3. Volunteer on a campaign or come to an event at the capitol.

Contact Felisa Hagins, Political Director, SEIU Local 49
Phone: 503-236-4949 x215
Email: felisah@seiu49.org

How should I vote?

SEIU 49 members recommend these candidates and ballot measure votes as the best choices to support working families.

Oregon Candidates

District Party First Last County Current Or Former Union Member
State Senate 3 D Alan Bates Jackson
State Senate 4 D Floyd Prozanski Lane
State Senate 6 D Lee Beyer Lane
State Senate 7 D Chris Edwards Lane
State Senate 8 D Sara Gelser Benton
House of Rep. 8 D Paul Holvey Lane Yes- Carpentar
House of Rep. 9 D Caddy McKeown Coos
House of Rep. 10 D David Gomberg Lincoln/Lane
House of Rep. 11 D Phil Barnhart Lane
State Senate 11 D Peter Courtney Marion
House of Rep. 13 D Nancy Nathanson Lane Yes- SEIU 503
House of Rep. 14 D Val Hoyle Lane
State Senate 15 D Chuck Riley Washington
House of Rep. 16 D Dan Rayfield Benton
State Senate 17 D Elizabeth Steiner Hayward Washington/Multnomah
House of Rep. 18 R Vic Gilliam Polk
House of Rep. 19 D William Dalton Yamhill
State Senate 19 D Richard Devlin Multnomah/Clackamas
House of Rep. 20 D Paul Evans Marion
State Senate 20 D Jamie Damon Clackamas
House of Rep. 22 D Betty Komp Marion
State Senate 23 D Michael Dembrow Multnomah Yes- Professor
State Senate 24 D Rod Monroe Multnomah
House of Rep. 27 D Tobias Read Washington
House of Rep. 28 D Jeff Barker Washington Yes- Police Officer
House of Rep. 29 D Susan McLain Washington Yes-Teacher
House of Rep. 30 D Joe Gallegos Washington Yes- Janitor SEIU 49
House of Rep. 31 D Brad Witt Clatsop/Columbia Yes- UFCW
House of Rep. 33 D Mitch Greenlick Washington/Multnomah
House of Rep. 34 D Ken Helm Washington
House of Rep. 35 D Margaret Doherty Washington Yes- Teacher
House of Rep. 36 D Jennifer Williamson Multnomah
House of Rep. 38 D Ann Lininger Clackamas
House of Rep. 40 D Brent Barton Clackamas
House of Rep. 41 D Kathleen Taylor Multnomah
House of Rep. 42 D Robert Nosse Multnomah Yes- Teamster
House of Rep. 43 D Lew Frederick Multnomah
House of Rep. 44 D Tina Kotek Multnomah
House of Rep. 45 D Barbara Smith Warner Multnomah Yes- Teamster
House of Rep. 46 D Alissa Keny-Guyer Multnomah
House of Rep. 47 D Jessica Vega Pederson Multnomah
House of Rep. 48 D Jeff Reardon Multnomah Yes- Teacher
House of Rep. 49 D Chris Gorsek Multnomah Yes- Professor
House of Rep. 50 D Carla Piluso Multnomah Yes- Police Officer
House of Rep. 51 D Shemia Fagan Multnomah
House of Rep. 52 D Stephanie Nystrom Hood River
House of Rep. 54 D Craig Wilhelm Benton
Governor D John Kitzhaber State Wide
United States Senator D Jeff Merkley State Wide
Representative in Congress 1 D Suzanne Bonamici Multnomah/Washington/Yamhill/Tillamook/Clatsop/Columbia
Representative in Congress 3 D Earl Blumenauer Multnomah/Hood River
Representative in Congress 4 D Peter DeFazio Lane/Douglas/Coos
House of Rep. 5 D Peter Buckley Josephine
Representative in Congress 5 D Kurt Schrader Clakcamas/Marion/Polk/Lincoln/Benton/Linn
House of Rep. 57 R Greg Smith Wallowa

Oregon Ballot Measures

Measure Number Title Subject SEIU’s Position
34 Equal Rights Amendment Amends Constitution: State/political subdivision may not deny or abridge equality of rights on account of gender Yes
92 Oregon Right to Know Measure requires food manufacturers and retailers to label genetically-engineered foods, provides for citizen lawsuit Yes
90 Open Primary Changes general election nomination process: provides one common primary ballot listing candidates; top two advance No
88 Safe Roads Provides driver card showing driving privileges of eligible Oregon resident without proof of legal presence Yes
86 Oregon Scholars Fund Amends Constitution: Requires creation of fund for Oregonians pursuing post-secondary education, authorizes state indebtedness to finance fund Yes

Washington Candidates

District Party First Last County Current Or Former Union Member
House of Rep. 19 D Dean Takko Cowlitz/Pacific/Wahlikum
House of Rep. 19 D Brian Blake Cowlitz/Pacific/Wahlikum
House of Rep. 17 D Monica Stonier Clark Yes -Teacher
House of Rep. 17 D Richard McCluskey Clark
House of Rep. 49 D Sharon Wylie Clark
House of Rep. 49 D Jim Moeller Clark Yes-Kaiser

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