Political Action

Our Commitment to Social Justice

SEIU 49 members are committed to social and economic justice. We work hard to campaign for candidates and pass laws that improve the lives of working families in our region and around the country. There are many ways members can get involved:

Join our Member Political Justice Committee, which meets monthly to discuss candidates and campaigns, and help plan and implement political events. Contact Yasmin Ibarra to learn more.

Contribute to our Committee On Political Education (COPE) Fund. It’s the easiest way to make a difference. Combine your money with 2 million other members to really make an impact! Click here for the online form.

Our Priority Issues

Quality, Affordable Healthcare

SEIU 49 strives to ensure that every Oregonian has access to quality, affordable healthcare. We believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and we believe the best healthcare is provided when workers have a strong voice on the job through a union.


SEIU believes in a society that values the contributions of immigrants and recognizes the integral role that new Americans play in our past, present and future. While federal policymakers need to ensure that there is a roadmap to citizenship, we also believe that state and local governments can play an important role in respecting the rights of immigrants in our communities.

Affordable Housing

Rapidly rising rents and no-cause evictions are putting tremendous pressure on SEIU members and Oregonians across the state. Our union will continue to prioritize affordable housing and tenant protections until we see progress.

Contact Felisa Hagins, Political Director, SEIU Local 49
Phone: 503-236-4949 x215
Email: felisah@seiu49.org

Updated May 28, 2020

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