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Political Action: Politics make a difference to working families


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1. JOIN our member Political Justice Committee

  1. Get insider information on candidates, campaigns & the legislative sessions
  2. Help plan and implement political events
  3. Join us on the 3rd Saturday of the month at the Local 49 office at 3536 SE 26th Ave, Portland, OR 97202 – Email Felisa Hagins felisah@seiu49.org for details

2. Contribute to our Political Action Fund. It’s the easiest way to make a difference – Combine your money with 2 million other members to really make an impact! – Download the form here

3. Volunteer on a campaign or come to an event at the capitol.

Contact Felisa Hagins, Political Director, SEIU Local 49
Phone: 503-236-4949 x215
Email: felisah@seiu49.org


We have been working hard this legislative session to stand up for the issues working families care about. We are making progress, but we can still use your help. Read below to find out how you can take action!

Housing Bill Heads to Senate
We are continuing to stand together with coalition members at Stable Homes for Oregon Families to protect tenants from out of control rent increases and no cause evictions. House Bill 2004 has been passed by the House in Salem and will now be voted on by the Senate. Let your Senator know that you stand for stable homes for working families, and they should, too! Use the link below to find and contact your Senator:


Senator James Manning will also host a Town Hall meeting on April 30th at Willamette High School. Show up and voice your support for HB 2004 and stable homes for all! Click the link for more information:


Immigration: Know Your Rights!
Our union and community to continues to rally around our members. In the wake of recent ICE raids, it is even more important that we all understand and have the resources to protect our rights. Do not open the door for ICE agents. If someone does come to your home, request a warrant. Have a phone on hand and call the PIRC hotline at 1-888-622-1510. For more information visit oregonimmigrationresources.org.

For more information about SEIU Local 49 and immigration, please see this message from our Executive Board: http://bit.ly/SEIU49_solidarity.

Causa Oregon will host a May Day action. Join the rally in Salem on May 1st and stand up for immigrant rights! Details in the link: http://bit.ly/Causa_MayDay.

Cover All Kids – House Bill 2726
Our children, the most vulnerable population in our state, deserve access to health coverage. As we get closer to the end of session we will continue to advocate for health care coverage for all kids.

Health Equity
Multnomah County has passed a resolution in support of women’s health care and reproductive justice. Now it is time for our legislators to stand up for House Bill 2232 and show that same support statewide. Email or call your legislators today and tell them to vote YES on HB 2232.
Click here to find your Legislators.

Session has ended missing some key achievements:
The Washington Legislative session has come to close with big bills yet to get a vote. Paid family leave, responsible contracting and ban the box legislation didn’t make it out of the session, and currently there is no budget.

Legislators will re-convene for a special session to deal with Washington’s budget next week.


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