Oregon Voter Guide


SEIU Locals 49 and 503 have endorsed many candidates and ballot measures that will improve the lives of working families in our state. Scroll down to see the list of candidates, and enter your address to see which of the SEIU-endorsed candidates and measures will show up on your ballot.

The deadline to register to vote in Oregon is October 13, 2020. Click here to check or update your voter registration.

SEIU Oregon endorsed the following candidates in the November 3, 2020 General Election.

To see exactly what will be on your ballot, visit our Oregon State Council page and enter your address here!


Joe Biden, US President
Jeff Merkley, US Senate
Suzanne Bonamici, Congressional District 1
Earl Blumenauer, Congressional District 3
Peter DeFazio, Congressional District 4


Shemia Fagan, Secretary of State
Tobias Read, State Treasurer
Ellen Rosenblum, Attorney General
Measure 107, Fair and Honest Elections
Measure 108, Yes for a Healthy Future
Measure 110, More Treatment for a Better Oregon

Oregon Senate

Jerry Allen, Senate District 2
Melissa Cribbins, Senate District 5
Deb Patterson, Senate District 10
Kate Lieber, Senate District 14
Ginny Burdick, Senate District 18
Kathleen Taylor, Senate District 21
Lew Frederick, Senate District 22
Michael Dembrow, Senate District 23
Chris Gorsek, Senate District 25
Eileen Kiely, Senate District 27
Carina Miller, Senate District 30

Oregon House of Representatives

Pam Marsh, House District 5
Alberto Enriquez, House District 6
Paul Holvey, House District 8
Cal Mukumoto, House District 9
Marty Wilde, House District 11
Nancy Nathanson, House District 13
Julie Fahey, House District 14
Miriam Cummins, House District 15
Dan Rayfield, House District 16
Jackie Leung, House District 19
Paul Evans, House District 20
Brian Clem, House District 21
Teresa Alonso Leon, House District 22
Lynnette Shaw, House District 24
Courtney Neron, House District 26
Sheri Schouten, House District 27
Wlnsvey Campos, House District 28
Susan McLain, House District 29
Janeen Sollman, House District 30
Debbie Boothe-Schmidt, House District 32
Maxine Dexter, House District 33
Ken Helm, House District 34
Dacia Grayber, House District 35
Lisa Reynolds, House District 36
Rachel Prusak, House District 37
Andrea Salinas, House District 38
Mark Meek, House District 40
Karin Power, House District 41
Rob Nosse, House District 42
Tawna Sanchez, House District 43
Tina Kotek, House District 44
Barbara Smith Warner, House District 45
Khanh Pham, House District 46
Jeff Reardon, House District 48
Zach Hudson, House District 49
Ricki Ruiz, House District 50
Janelle Bynum, House District 51
Anna Williams, House District 52
Jason Kropf, House District 54
Greg Smith, House District 57


Ted Wheeler, Mayor
Mingus Mapps , City Council Position 4
Measure 26-217, Police Oversight Board

Multnomah County

Sharon Meieran, County Commissioner Position 1
Jessica Vega Pederson, County Commissioner Position 3
Lori Stegman, County Commissioner Position 4
Measure 26-214, Preschool for All


Transportation Measure


Denny Doyle, Mayor
Nadia Hasan, City Council Seat 6

Washington County

Nafisa Fai, County Commissioner Seat 1

Jackson County

Terrie Martin, County Commissioner Seat 2

Lane County

Laurie Trieger, County Commissioner

Marion County

Ashley Carson-Cottingham, County Commissioner Seat 3

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