Take Action for McKenzie-Willamette Healthcare Workers

jorge-sandoval_brady-goodman_mwmc_1Our community supports good jobs and quality care!

Hospital workers provide critical, essential care on a daily basis—often working long hours and sacrificing time with their own families to ensure the well-being of ours. As such, we’re dismayed and alarmed that management at McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center is failing to ensure their frontline caregivers have staffing and wages and benefits that allow them to care for themselves and their families.

Despite making tens of millions of dollars in profit, management is refusing to make meaningful improvements to staffing throughout the hospital and is proposing to drastically increase premiums and out-of-pocket costs for employees. Management has also been violating workers’ rights to union members, and SEIU Local 49 members have filed unfair labor practices against the hospital. It’s become clear that management is not listening to caregiver concerns, so workers overwhelmingly authorized a strike in an effort to reach a contract that provides for safe staffing, competitive wages and affordable healthcare coverage.

Lane County residents rely on McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center to provide quality care that our community needs. Over 400 SEIU members do their best each day to provide great care, but many can not afford the basics like rent and food on their wages. PeaceHealth workers in our community recently reached a 3-year contract with the hospital which provides for raises and improvements to health insurance. Workers at McKenzie Willamette are currently working under an expired union contract and are in bargaining.

We are deeply concerned that a profitable hospital is refusing to reach a contract that provides for the needs of workers and our community. We support McKenzie-Willamette healthcare workers who are seeking improvements in their wages, benefits and staffing because our community thrives when major employers like hospitals pay good wages that allow healthcare workers to support themselves, provide excellent care and contribute to our community.

We call on McKenzie-Willamette to respect the rights of its employees and to agree to a contract that:

  • Invests in patient care and safety by ensuring safe staffing levels

  • Offers good wages and affordable healthcare benefits that help retain talented staff and allow hospital workers and their families to thrive

  • Ensures union members continue to have a strong voice in the delivery of quality care at our hospitals

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