Thank you for appreciating our supporters!

Thank you for taking the time to appreciate the Senators who have stood with SEIU 49 members and pledged to support a Senate stimulus bill that offers the hazard pay and PPE that we’ve been fighting for since the beginning of the pandemic. It really matters that our elected leaders continue to hear from us!

SEIU 49 members care deeply about winning social and economic justice for everyone. Our Union is strong, and we’ve fought to protect access to affordable healthcare. We’ve elected leaders who take our side when big employers try to cut our benefits and underpay us. We’ve beat back laws that allow racial discrimination and profiling.

We’re able to do this work in our Union because thousands of SEIU 49 members contribute a little bit of money each month to our Committee on Political Education (COPE). COPE allows us to pool our resources to fund our Union’s community and political engagement.

Join us today and become a COPE contributor!

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