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To Organize A Union in your workplace call 503-964-5320 or email

For Media Inquiries contact Rae Dunnaville at 503-919-1960 or

For questions about Dues 503-236-4949 ext. 208 or

For Worksite Issues contact your steward or call 503-236-4949

For Kaiser questions contact your steward or call 503-236-4949 ext. 220

Our Ethics Liaison helps our union maintain strict ethical standards around transparency, use of union funds, and conflicts of interest. Have an ethics concern? Send an email to

To Update your Contact info call 503-236-4949 ext.200

Please email if you’re a bargaining unit member who wants a copy of Local 49’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Mailing Address: 3536 SE 26th Ave, Portland, OR 97202
Office Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday-Friday

Meg Niemi President 503-964-5300
Felisa Hagins Political Director 503-964-5325
Maggie Long Executive Director 503-964-5280
Kristin Perreault Healthcare Organizing Director 503-964-5320
Dave Cutler Finance Director 503-964-5310
Steven Ward Healthcare Division Director 503-964-5290
Yasmin Ibarra Organizer 503-816-4559
Erica Askin, Esq. In-House Counsel 503-964-5294
Rae Dunnaville Communications Director 503-919-1960
Alan Dubinsky Communications Organizer 503-964-5297
Support Services
Joe Karpan Dues Administrator 503-236-4949
Kristen Paulin Support Specialist
Erica Hailstone Bookkeeper 503-964-5308
Ron Yoder IT Director 503-964-5337
Ben Sercombe Organizer 503-475-1798
Carey Myers Organizer 971-230-4544
Cici Phal Organizer 503-939-4912
Dorothy Vibbert Organizer 503-964-5291
Mike Morrison Organizer 503-964-5313
Ebony Price Organizer 971-678-2466
Francesca Edmonds Organizer 541-745-9114
Alli Sayre Organizer 503-807-0367
Gabrielle Hanley Organizer 503-830-2757
Maggie Greene Organizer 541-740-6911
Kirsten Isaacson Researcher 503-964-5277
Carlotta Franklin Organizer 503-964-5286
Cliff Pfenning Kaiser Contract Specialist 503-236-4949 x220
Donna Warner Organizer 503-964-5301
Jacy LaPlante Kaiser Contract Specialist 503-236-4949 x220
Elizabeth Campos Organizer 503-964-5303
Rick Campbell Kaiser Contract Specialist 503-236-4949 x220
Tessa Brooks Organizer 503-964-5304
Property Services / Workers United
Anna Roberts Organizer 503-964-5283
Jeremy Simer Researcher 503-964-5315
Nicole Knudsen Researcher 503-964-5285
Scott Cheesewright Organizer 503-964-5331
Semir Said Organizer 503-803-6038
Melissa Espinoza Organizer 503-964-5302
Maxine Batchelder Organizer 503-915-4100
Amina Rahman Organizer 971-254-7084
Nora Jones Member Services 503-236-4949 x213
Andreina Granado Organizer 541-285-1326
Amparo Hernandez Organizer 971-254-7064


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