Kaiser Workers Deserve a Hero Bonus!

As Kaiser workers, we often risk our lives and the lives of our families to make sure our patients receive quality, compassionate care during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are absolutely critical to our nation’s response to the health crisis, and we take deep pride in our jobs. Many of us have been exposed to or infected by the pandemic, and some have even died. Our hard work and dedication have enabled Kaiser to achieve unprecedented growth and financial success, including $4.5 billion in profits from just April to June of 2020. Now, as we face a potential second wave—combined with the flu season—it is imperative to retain experienced, qualified staff by recognizing and valuing our commitment.

We are calling on management to treat our Performance Sharing Program (PSP) Bonus as a Hero Bonus and commit to pay the full amount of at least 3% of payroll for every member of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions. Click here to review the letter sent to management by the Coalition.

Essential workers like us have made many sacrifices during the pandemic in order to continue to provide quality care to our patients and to keep our families and communities safe. To protect my family, I chose to live away from them for nearly three months. It’s time for Kaiser management to recognize our hard work and personal sacrifices and provide the Hero Bonus we’re demanding.

-Juanita Kamhoot, Unit Specialist

SEIU Local 49 members joined others in the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions in signing and submitting this letter to management. We are essential workers, and we deserve this bonus in recognition for our efforts and continued dedication to quality patient care in the face of this pandemic.

Click the image to read the full letter.hero-bonus-letter-to-management_legal_v10_page_1

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