Kaiser Scholarships

Scholarships & Ed Fund

SEIU 49 members at Kaiser have opportunities for scholarships from both Kaiser-Permanente and from our international union.


This information is for Kaiser Permanente employees only.

You have several resources to access to help you with your educational pursuits. You will find the information you need on applying for tuition reimbursement with advice on where to find tuition reimbursement funding programs and scholarships, how to submit your application and what to include.

What funds/ scholarship programs are available and where do I go to find them?  

There are several tuition reimbursements and scholarship programs available for SEIU Local 49 members, ranging from $450–$10,000. To find tuition reimbursements/scholarship opportunities you are eligible for, it is advised to first look at the reimbursement programs provided by SEIU-UHW West Joint Employer fund website. Funding information will be listed on the website, this is also where you will find the relevant contact information should you have any questions about the applications.

  1. Each Kaiser employee has access to $3000 dollars for tuition reimbursement. To access those funds go to https://epf.kp.org/wps/portal/hrintercept/home/intercept. Log in using your single user sign on. Click on Education Assistance and select apply for reimbursement.
  2. Each Kaiser Employee has access to $450 in tuition reimbursement that can be used for both educational purposes and work life balance. Prior to accessing these funds for educational courses you must exhaust your Kaiser funds first. These funds can be used for work life balance classes without exhausting your Kaiser Funds. To accesses these funds go to: https://epf.kp.org/epf/hr/secure/forms/nw/l49exp_request.pdf

  3. There are additional grants and scholarship information available at:

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