Affordable Care Act

SEIU members worked for more than two decades to win quality, affordable healthcare for working families and to end the power of insurance companies. In January 2014, families will have coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the first major step we’ve made in over 40 years in providing health care for all.

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ACA News:


  • People with pre-existing conditions no longer can be denied insurance, allowing relief for millions of Americans who were left with no insurance when they needed it most.
  • Insurance companies must spend 80% of their money on health care benefits or return the money to consumers. This has means an end to frivolous CEO bonuses. The first year it was in effect, millions were returned to consumers.
  • Millions of children who would have gone without insurance before, can now stay on their parents’ insurance until they are 26.


Starting in October 2013 families will be able to begin enrolling in Affordable Care Act, which will provide millions with affordable, accessible, quality health care. In Oregon the Affordable Care Act is being implemented by Cover Oregon, where people will go to find if they quality for Oregon Health Plan (OHP) Plus (Medicaid) or the Health Care Marketplace. Over 200,000 additional Oregonians will qualify for OHP Plus will provide quality, no-cost health insurance. Over 300,000 Oregonians and small businesses will be able to shop on the Health Care Marketplace where they will be able to compare plans and prices and most will qualify for tax credits to keep their costs for insurance down.


ACA will mean quality, affordable healthcare for working families across our communities. Many SEIU Local 49 members will continue being covered with only minimal changes. For our families and friends, access to quality, affordable healthcare will now be reality.


While families can begin enrolling in October, coverage doesn’t begin until January 2014. In November, SEIU will begin setting up community meetings where people can come together to enroll in health care or ask questions about their benefits. We will be reaching out to you soon to let you know of community meetings in your area. If you have questions now, feel free to call 1-855-437-2694, a hotline set up just for SEIU members to get answers to questions regarding the impacts of ACA.


Click here to read’s detailed information on Immigration Status & the Healthcare Marketplaces.

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