A Message On Immigration & Inclusion From Our Executive Board

The foundation of our union, much like our country, was built by immigrant members, coming together to make a better life for themselves and their families. SEIU Local 49 is united in this vision to build a better future for all working families.

Hard-working immigrant families make up our communities and are an integral part of our diverse, culturally rich and vibrant union. Our strength is fundamentally rooted in this diversity and our ability to stand together to move all working families forward.

The recent executive orders on immigration not only undermine American values, they unfairly target families who work hard every day for the opportunity to give their families a better life.

We know that attacks on some working families is an assault on us all.

As a proud, diverse union, we will continue standing up for civil rights and basic fairness of all working people – no matter where they come from. Together we will continue fighting to make sure that immigrants, people of color and all others systematically marginalized have a voice and equal opportunity. And we will stand together to fight to make sure our communities stay together and continue to be healthy and vibrant.

Our strength has always come from pulling together. And together, with our strong allies and community, we will continue to fight for the values that bind us together, and we’ll stop at no end to make sure all working families have a shot at a brighter future.

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