2020 SEIU Voter Guide


Our Union has been active in electing candidates and voting in laws that make life better for working families. This November, SEIU 49 members have an opportunity to determine the direction our communities will take. There’s so much at stake for all of us, and we’re in the fight of our lives to:

  • Protect our rights as Union members and ensure non-Union workers continue to have the right to organize.
  • Protect and expand access to affordable, quality healthcare.
  • Fight back against sexism, racism, homophobia, and injustice and bring equity and opportunity to EVERYONE in our communities.
  • Recover from the COVID-19 public health crisis with stronger communities and safety nets.
  • Take bold action to address climate change.

We can do this because we’re stronger together, and we can get more done when we take part in political and community action. Here are some ways you can get involved now:

Register to vote!

Deadline to register to vote: October 13, 2020
Click here to update your voter registration.

Deadline to register to vote: October 26, 2020
Click here to update your voter registration.

Volunteer for the election!

Click here to see upcoming dates and times for phone banks, lit drops, and other events. Bring a friend or coworker!

See our list of endorsed candidates!

Click here to see the list of endorsed candidates and ballot measures in Oregon and Washington.

You can also learn about how our Union decides which candidates to endorse.

Contribute to COPE!

We’re able to do life-changing work in our communities because 2 million SEIU members around the country pool our resources so we can do outreach around the political candidates and issues that reflect our shared values. If you’re short on time but want to make a difference, it’s an easy way to participate in our political process and help make change. Sign up to contribute to COPE here.

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