Honoring Our Veterans: Security Officer Earl Barr


Officer Earl Barr has spent the majority of his life—over 30 years—in the US Army, being stationed around the world including active duty in Vietnam.

Today, Earl continues his work helping our community as a security officer employed by a global security firm in Vancouver, WA. “I take pride in the work I do and my years of military experience have been invaluable to me in doing my job. What I love most about being an officer is the people. I enjoy helping others, making sure they have the information they need and that they are safe.”

Security Officers like Earl are an invaluable asset to our community as their extensive military training gives them the tools, training and knowledge needed to help keep the highest profile buildings in the Portland Metro area safe.

But while these officers dedicate themselves to making sure our buildings and our communities are safe, the security industry they work in continues to have serious problems. Issues of low standards, poverty wages, lack of benefits and no training continue to alarm officers and the community they work with. Stay tuned to learn more and find out how you can help.

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